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Wiegedood - There's Always Blood At The End Of The Road

Overall: 85/100

Have you ever been a shity WC at the dirtiest place of the city that you had to go in and do your thing? Then, you felt the dirty atmosphere right away from taking the first steps in that area. That darker, filthy smelling. Seeing the dirty floors and hoping that and saying to yourself, please just don’t be ever fall! So, here we go. From the first song to last you will be trapped in that toilet, hoping to not fall. With the ‘’There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road’’

Wiegedood puts out their Filthiest, greediest, and the most terrifying journey you will be in to at the first days of 2022.

Begins with the riff bomb ‘’FN SCAR 16’’ surrounding you right away from the start with its filthy atmosphere. Breathtaking sharp vocals and the continuously banging riff aim to crush your head and pour the beverages of the hell to your mouth. A great opening to remind you what you will be heard till the end of the album.

The second track ‘’And In Old Salamano’s Room, The Dog Whimpered’’ takes the atmosphere to one more deep level with the amazing crafted melodic black metal riff. The drums take a huge role in expanding the filthiness. A riff bombarding midsection with some slow tempo bass and drums patterns brings a more evil approach to the table. Continues darker than the first half, magnificently played crushing drums and spooky speeches ending this work of hell.

5-minute long melodic kvltness ‘’Noblesse Oblige / Richesse Oblige’’ brings more technical elements with almost cleanish melodic riff patterns. Continues and expands the boundaries with some of the most vicious riffs on the album. A great executed 5-minute long pure hate and vicious black metal. Ends with a chaotic and loud played bass that will scratch your feelings.

My favorite one on the album ‘’Until It Is Not’’ takes a more traditional approach, mixes the sharpness and chaotic elements superbly. Adds some emotional seasons too. Which comes unexpected and provides freshness and coldness. Ends with an amazing melodic riff you will find yourself to be headbanging to.

The chaotic approach continues with ‘’Theft And Begging’’ starting with sick riffing and some melodic parts steadily improving themselves with various drum patterns. It Goes atmospheric and filthy, takes a much more traditional approach through the end.

Overall, ‘’There’s Always Blood At The End Of The Road’’ is absolutely one of the beasts' records of early 2022. Stands out with its growing and evil approaches makes the record a must listen.


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