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Spaceslug - Memorial

Overall: 89/100

The Polish stoner/doom metallers Spaceslug releases their 5th full length and their absolutely best one yet ‘’Memorial’’ with ease and lots of emotions. Closes 2021 with magical melodies and exceptional tones. A charming, lonely but beautiful experience from start to finish.

''Loneliness may also be a behavioral reaction to diminished cognition, because people who are losing their memories may withdraw from others, either due to embarrassment or confusion about how to handle social situations resulting from their brain impairment.''

After the interlude ‘’Into the Soil’’ to this emotional grower work of art, The loneliness surrounds you with the beautiful vocals of ‘’Follow This Land’’ the soul-crushing, dirty guitar patterns accompanies you to this almost fallout new vegas like World, goes easy on you with mid-tempo riffs and becomes a banger easily. The second half with full of low tune, crying guitar melodies, prepares your ears for the following tracks. An absolutely breathtaking vocals heat the hearts. A great opening to this magical work of art.

Continues with my favorite one of all, ‘’Spring of the Abyss’’ starts with an incredibly melodic and breathtaking riff, aiming at your heart and emotions from the start. You will feel all you had to do in your past life and will watch the dropping of the snows from the sky from your window aimlessly. The vocals are exceptional once again. Going slower but steadier, and gives lots of catchiness too with the riff works of the second half. A masterfully crafted and one of the best ones you will ever hear in 2021.

The title track ‘’Memorial’’ takes where the ''Spring of the Abyss'' left off. Starts and continues slower with magical tunes aims once again to take your soul on this wonderful journey. Has incredibly and beautifully crafted guitar riffs, the vocals add the winds of the coldest autumn.

''Lost Undone’’ starts with a catchy guitar riff, adds more dynamics to the album. Goes faster than others till the half. Then turning into a spiritual one like having almost old Gojira vibes. Great slower tones end this one of the best among the album. Ends this spiritual journey with ‘’At the edge of Melting Point’’ which is a vocal vise stand out.

Overall, ‘’Memorial’’ is one of the best albums you will ever hear in the year 2021. It has as well as some dynamic elements like catchy, dirty guitar riffs., beautiful vocals, and even beyond the earth-like spiritual and magical melodies.


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