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Lantlos - Wildhund

Overall: 87/100

The mighty Lantlos returns with their fifth album after 7 years titled "Wildhund" Aiming that taking you to a planet that reminds the Rimworld as like you alone and nothing know about what will happen to you, alongside the feelings, the album reminds lots of Mastodon vibes with catchy guitars and Tool-like proggy patterns with fabulous vocals.

The opening track kicks in with beautiful and catchy melodies, ''Lake Fantasy'' could be the catchiest track the band has ever created. In the mid, the bass driving pattern and the mine favorite the spiritual section are one of the best works the band has created since its debut. A wonderful opening for this enjoying mindset.

The second track ''Magnolia'' takes a little bit proggy approach with the technical drum patterns and excellent Tool-like guitar patterns. The vocals sound as awesome as the pink clouds, continues preserving its pace and tempo, has great and successful moments that will bring butterflies to your stomach.

With the much more high tempo and enjoying, headbanging one ''Cacoon Tree House'' drives the emotions perfectly, the vocals sound as awesome as the brightest skies once again. The great chorus part and strong instruments bring the heavier tone of the familiar metal music, the lead guitar melodies take the song one more level above from the musicality aspect as well. A great digging to the last of the album.

The tempo changer one, riffull one, the heavier one, the fifth track ''Vertigo'' probably one of the best one on the album. Combines the great heavy metal riffs and bass patterns alongside Enslaved like fascinating clean vocals. Continues with fabulous guitar melodies, the Vertigo is one of the best in the album for sure.

''The Amber'' takes a proggy approach once again, solid headbanging riff and bass patterns continue to grow as like the vocals, in the midsection the melodies remind the opening track. Than the unexpected happens, the grows and black-like vocals come and bring the chaos for 10 seconds. Song slows, everything slows, you can sense the slow motions of the wings of a butterfly. After that, all goes back again and ends like how it started.

''Dream Machine'' continues where the amber left off, the fascinating clean vocals, space rock like elements takes the song to another universe. Has an emotional slow section at the half, continues, and ends the top with great melodies.

Overall, It’s a fabulous, proggy, solid one for the discography. Especially liked the range of vocals and production. This one is mixed with the Mastodon-like enjoying, rocker tone elements with the Tool-like proggy patterns. It is one of the successful one for the metal scene of 2021 for sure.


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