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Wormwood - Arkivet

Overall: 95/100

The Swedish black metal band Wormwood releases their third and highly successful, hyped record ‘’Arkivet’’ offers you great, fascinating melodic black metal elements with northern influences. A masterwork from start to finish that will absolutely take a place at the end of the year lists.

''Arkivet will be released on 27 August via Black Lodge Records.''

‘’The Archive’’ opens this masterwork with a greatly produced melodic black metal riff along with the crushing drums. The vocals sound perfectly as well as the fascinating chorus section. I especially liked the tone of the guitars, the screaming-like vocals expand and help instruments to surround our atmosphere. The slow section with amazing clean guitar riffs and great bass patterns are definitely breathtaking. Reminds me of some of the elements of post-rock as well.

The second track ‘’Overgrowth’’ starts with an epic guitar riff and reminds me of lots of beautiful melodies of Dark Tranquility. Then blast beats and crushing melodic guitar riffs take the place till the chorus. Going epic and headbanging, Overgrowth will help you and give you the necessary energy to continue till the end of this beautiful record. Has an amazing guitar solo that will give you the feeling of the cold winds of Sweden as well.

With the Melodic and melancholic opening guitar riff, the ‘’End of Message’’ continues with calm melodies until the section of chaos with full of blast beats, screams, and growls. While the great melodic riff creates this vicious but emotional atmosphere, tearing vocals brings chaos. The great headbanging mid-tempo riffs bring lots of enjoyment. Has a breathtaking emotional solo as well once again.

‘’The Slow Drown’’ as its name, starts with the acoustic guitars and mid-tempo patterns. Harsh vocals and tearing melodic black metal guitars take the place and adds some kvlt elements. The short but great melodic guitar works take the main interest. An epic, emotional, technical one from a great band.

I fell in love with ''The Gentle Touch of Humanity'' there is nothing to say more, it is like the band's To Live Is To Die. A masterpiece from start to finish.

Overall, Wormwood becomes one of the best in the scene with the Arkivet. It is one of the best records I have ever heard in this year. Congratulations to the band, and you should definitely, need to give it a listen and experience it when it comes out.


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