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Groza - The Redemptive End

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Overall: 92/100

The German black metallers Groza releases one of the best black metal album of the year with "The Redemptive End" After their successful debut one, the band returns with their coldest, darkest, and also emotional materials to fill your black metal hunger.

"The Redemptive End will be realesed on 30th July by Art of Propaganda Records"

Starts with dark, emotional melodies "Sunken In Styx - Part I" not only surrounds you with dark and cold clean melodies but also crushing your ears with beautifully produced guitar riffs and strong drum patterns. A great interlude to discover the deeper sections of this dark journey.

"Sunken In Styx - Part II" comes with thunder and storms, blast beats and great black metal riffs expands the dark feeling. The melodic riff creates a great headbanging atmosphere while the fast and chaotic parts bring the kvlt elements to the table. I sense the harakiri for the sky like approaching time to time on the album and it seems that this adds freshness and emotions to this chaotic journey.

Probably the most melodic one "Elegance Of Irony" is one of the best on the album for sure. Great melodies follow by the crushing guitar riffs with mid-tempo drums. The emotional melodies continue to deliver knives to our hearts with great lead patterns. One of the best tracks for this year's scene.

The title track "The Redemptive End" continues where the previous one left off. The great melodic black metal riff brings the kvltness then the song takes a much filthier approach with vicious growls. After the mid the calming melodies, acoustics allows you to think about life itself.

Finishing this journey with a 10-minute masterpiece "Homewards" is a mix of everything you have heard so far. Great melodic riffs, blast beats, atmospheric elements, and beyond all that. An excellent way to finish "The Redemptive End"

Overall, it is one of the best for this year's black metal scene. Melodic, dark atmosphere, great riffs, emotional parts. If you love black metal, you should definitely need to give it a spin.


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