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Narbeleth - Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana

Overall: 86/100

Cuban black metallers Narbeleth releases their 5th effort ''Svmma Cvm Nox Arcana'' which brings lots of chaotic, melodic material within a cold, dark atmosphere. Anyone who loves black metal definitely should dig this.

"Nox Arcana" starts melodic and chaotic, brings blast beats and chilling vocals. Has a magnificent melodic black metal riff that drives the song thoroughly. Especially liked the mid-tempo sections which add the evil and dark atmosphere to the table. A great opening for the Cuban comrades!

With the incredible played magnificent melodic riff "Cold Whisper Carried by the Wind" comes fast and sharp riffs and blast beats, continues mid-tempo with Inqusition like riffs, brings the fast-paced elements once again, and finish the song at the top.

The mid-tempo kvlt riffs with drums come and surround the atmosphere at "A Throne Over the Seven Stars" great, vicious vocals take this darkness one more level above. Continues preserving with its catchiness, brings lots of headbangs, the double kicking drumming and melodic riffs create an atmosphere that is almost like Amon Amarth playing black metal. One of the perfect one on the album.

Starts vicious and fast "Moon of A Thousand Shapes" with great melodic riffs with a unique riffing style, continues along with blast beats and evil vocals. Strong bass patterns sound exceptional. Then acoustic midsection adds some air to breathe in this pure black atmosphere. The 7-minute manifesto "Hear the Pale Moon Speak the Arcane Secrets" starts and continues with strong melodic black metal riffs, blast beats. The band almost shows their technical ability with their instruments, going fast, vicious and melodic. Even we have an acoustic pattern at the chorus.

Overall, I liked the first half much more it has more diversity but completely, it is a great one, has some catchy parts, full of melodic riffs, and unique playing style. Definitely one of the look on for this year.


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