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Spectral Wound - A Diabolic Thirst

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 95/100

Be aware! Hell is coming to your headphones and it is uglier, vicious than the year 2020.

After Infernal Decadence (2015) Canadian Black metallers feed our Diabolic Thirst and put an album that has the potential to be the best black metal album of the year.

Standouts: Soul Destroying Black Debauchery, Mausoleal Drift, Diabolic Immanence

The Hell's first-child ''Imperial Saison Noire'' blasts our ears with fast, vicious, melodic riffs and the vocals of Jonah’s which puts all the elements one level above. You can feel the heat, freshness at every second. Unlike the black metal’s repetitive side, repetitiveness is not a subject throughout the album. Almost every minute on every song you can hear a new incredibly well-written riff that blows your mind.

''Soul Destroying Black Debauchery'' apart from its wonderful name can be a national anthem for all those Canadian Black Metal scenes. It is one of the most stand-out song in the album for me, with incredible fast-paced riffs, the harmony of all instruments.

Then with an opening like anthem drums and slow-paced vicious guitars ''Mausoleal Drift'' let us breathe a little bit in this journey and surrounds us with its dark theme. The guitars and drums harmony at their best with this classic black metal song. The other half of the song welcomes us again with blast-beating drums and face-paced riffs. Ends with a war chant drum almost saying like congratulations, if you could come this far, you are a member of a hell afterward.

''Fair Lucifer, Sad Relic'' but happy us. Baptism continues with the blast beats, harsh vocals, energetic riffs. At the half of the song you may be, clearly, can’t stop without headbanging for sure. Sick riffing climbs to the top towards to end.

Musical orgasm reaches the climax with ''Diabolic Immanence'' incredible riffs, drums crushing through our ears. Spectral Wound puts a masterclass work of art, shows everybody how Professional they are with their instruments one by one. This is one of the best black metal albums of the year. Every black metal listener should listen to this art.


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