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Be'lakor - Coherence

Overall: 93/100

Australian melodic death metal Giants Be'lakor releases their new magnum opus Coherence, continues to reign, and takes the throne of the scene once again. Offering 58 minutes long one of the most beautiful, sharp, and shaped melodic death metal that you will be able to hear this year.

The five years of silence breaking with the opening, 10-minute long masterpiece "Locus" from the very first second you can sense the serious approach of the band to their music. Every minute of the Locus is crafted elaborately. The production quality is at the best of all. The riffs, the tempo, the slow parts everything the Be'lakor musicality exhibited beautifully. One of a hell opening.

After "The Dispersion" which is a calming, beautiful interlude of "Foothold" the pace goes to the moon. Foothold starts with a greatly produced and played fast melodic death metal riff, continues, and becomes a melodically rich one. The vocals stand out very well. The overall riffing and the instrumental parts are magnificent. When you will heard the riff at the half you won't be able to keep your head steady. One of the best ones on the album.

''Valance'' begins with a great melodic riff, continues as a banger, and is full of headbangs. The acoustics comes and give a fresh air before the main riff continues. Then, the fast-paced, melodic one comes and takes you to the heaven of the melodic death metal. A truly beautiful one that you will sense all of the melodic death metal giants collided and gave birth.

''Indelible'' is an amazing instrumental one. Slowly rises from the ashes with melodic tunes then acoustics comes and brings the clean greatly produced notes. Ends with a one of the best riff you will hear in this year. A brilliant work of art.

Overall, Be'lakor proves once again that they are one of the few unique bands of this generation. Coherence is absolutely one of the best metal albums this year. A gem for the melodic/progressive death metal scene. Every metal fan should experience it.


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