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Rammstein - Zeit

Overall: 65/100

After the spectacular self-titled release, German titanic Rammstein continues their journey, with the up and downs of Zeit.

In the end, not just the German inflation rate, but even Rammstein’s musicality gets worse as well after the Covid19.

Stands outs: Giftig, Zick Zack, Angst

Starts with a mid-tempo epical chant ‘’Armee Der Tristen’’ is a great song to open a Rammstein album. Has a dynamic tempo with a fabulous and catchy chorus. Riffs are used perfectly balanced with some high and low tempo moments. Generally, a greatly crafted opener. It could be a blast at concerts as an intro song.

The title track ‘’Zeit’’ is a beautifully crafted ballad-like song. But the bad side of this album comes with it as well. It is too long to handle out and too slow for the overall tempo. But it is one of the best ballad-like in the album contrary, unlike other ballad-like ones.

‘’Schwarz’’ continues with that slower approach but it has a catchy and emotional vocal riding that will be signed by thousands of Rammstein fans at the concerts. Reminds a little bit of Ohne Dich, has a great keyboard part, and is one of the better one on the album.

Trying to be energetic at last with ‘’Giftig’’ brings some experimental elements as well as amazing back vocals and electronic elements. ‘’Zick Zack’’ takes the same but more explosive approach, and does a high five! to Madonna, overall it is the catchiest song on the album.

‘’Ok’’ is trying to be energetic and catchy too. But it fails to do that. It is generic, forgettable, and uninspired. Riffs are too sloppy and with the time, it repeat itself too much to enjoy.

For example to being a bad ballad song here it is ‘’Meine Tränen’’ The tempo gets slower, the joy is gone, and most importantly, it is not well crafted, becomes a filler and a boring one, unfortunately.

But the ‘’Angst’’ comes and heads blow-ups with all the headbangs it brings. The riff is great, the chorus is greater. One of the best Rammstein song that will be in the setlists of every concert for sure.

Closes with the three dull, generic, uninspired sisters ''Dicke Titten, ''Lügen'', ''Adieu'' cringy chorus of Dicke Titten, and autotune vocals of Lügen kills the last remains hopes for a strong closing.


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