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Ex Deo - The Thirteen Years Of Nero

Overall: 85/100

The Roman-themed supergroup Ex Deo releases their fourth effort "The Thirteen Years of Nero" offers you a much more deep, immersive death metal experience wonderfully mixing the orchestral materials with the death metal elements. Feels like you are living in the actual TV series of Rome and getting ready to involving a Testudo!

After the speech of the Emperor's interlude, the headbanging riff of ‘’The Fall of Claudius’’ kicks in and the great orchestral elements bring the epicness behind them. Continues mid-tempo, crushing guitar riffs leaves the way to a shattered, darky, Septicflesh-like bridge section. Then the chorus, with the fascinating melodies takes the enjoyment one more level above. A very well-crafted epic and melodic starter for the album.

With its epic and goosebumpy intro the second track ‘’Imperator’’, starts like fire with its amazing death metal riffs, continues, and leaves the drums alone with a mid-tempo beat. Then the great guitar riffs drive the song, together with the epic orchestral materials. A well-rounded solid one from the band.

The fast-paced melodic guitar riffs of ‘’The Head of The Snake’’ come and take the tempo to the moon level along with crushing blast beats. Continues with the beautiful and epic violins, leaves the way once more again to fast-paced instruments. Especially loved the variety of melodies. Has everything to represent Ex Deo's musicality.

After the orchestral genius "Trial of The Gods (Intermezzo)" which certainly will be the intro of every concert, ''The fiddle&The fire'' kicks in with its medieval acoustic melodies and great headbanging mid-tempo melodic riff. Continues crushing, mid-tempo along with beautiful violins, while double kicking drums accompany them. A mid-tempo magnificently crafted one for the catalog.

Starting with slower and darker than others "What Artist Dies In Me" becomes the heaviest one on the album without a doubt. The death metal riffs following with the magnificent lead guitar melodies, heavy and soul-crushing drums create explosions for the ears. The strong bass expands the dark theme. One of the best, the darkest, and the heaviest on the album for sure.

Overall, ‘’The Thirteen Years of Nero’’ is another really good example of mixing orchestral materials with death metal. Has really wonderful melodies and lots of epic moments that will give you goosebumps. Generally, it is a wonderful experience and a successful one for the name of Ex Deo.


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