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Prestige - Reveal The Ravage

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Overall: 86/100

The Finn Thrashers come back after nearly 30 years with preserving their pure talent and enjoyment. Offers 43 minute-long pure and fascinating thrash metal materials. Mixing perfectly the old school elements with the new wave catchier tones.

Starts with full of energy, ‘’Innocent’’ brings the 30 year's heat and hunger of the band. Great, sharp fast-paced riffs tear the ears alongside with fascinating lead guitar melodies. The vocals remind the gold age of thrash metal, continues with preserving its pace, the fabulous guitar solo sweeps the 30-year-old dust from the band's instruments.

One of the best one with its mid tempo main riff ‘’Burn My Eyes’’ brings lots of headbangs and enjoyment. Has a great chorus part which will bang surely at every concert. Continues melodically rich with the great solo section, brings the emotional melodies as well. A magnificent one for the band's discography.

‘’Blessed Be" aiming to take us to the deep sections of the rest of the album, with its fast and vicious starting, short but knife cutting like solo surprises your ears then the sharp riffs take the heat one more level above. Without slowing down, the second solo comes and leaves the stage to an incredibly catchy and headbanging riff.

One of the concert banger with the hell of a ''Hey!'' section "You Weep" continues to deliver the heat with the fast-paced classic thrash metal riff and the great chorus part which will make you scream the words of you Weep!. Probably the catchiest one among the others. A great one again from the Scandinavians.

Starting strong and melodic "Self Destruct" has a great driving riff that makes you want to hit the play button again and again. Simple but brilliant, keeping the heat with a mid-tempo riff, then surprises almost like having a black metal section with the great melodic fast-paced riffages.

Starts with beautiful acoustics, ''Prime Time'' the final song of this hell of a thrash metal work. You will feel the matureness of the band members from the musical way from any aspects. A great melodic, pure thrash mixing with heavy metal elements. A great one for ending the album.

Overall, ''Reveal The Ravage'' is one of the best thrash metal record for this year. It is melodic, catchy, and combining the old-school elements with the modern aspects of music splendidly. A great comeback from the Finn thrashers.


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