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Bonehunter - Dark Blood Reincarnation System

Overall: 88/100

The Finn Blackened thrashers releasing their fourth and highly successful, dynamic album Dark Blood Reincarnation System, will give you 40-minute long blasting elements taking right away from a volcanic star. It is one of the best one for the thrash scene for this year sure.

After an epic and iconic interlude named ‘’World of Darkness’’ brings the foggy door from the Dark Souls as well as greedy and dark feelings. After you pass through it, you will encounter the first flashy boss ‘’Black Magic M16’’ lightning fast intro section continues to blast with the following excellent riff and fast-paced drums. Splendidly crafted melodic riff brings headbangs, the bridge section is funny as hell, the energy is at the top. The incredible last-minute outro section with a fabulous thrash riff and magnificent melodic lead melodies and all combines with a magnificent solo creates one of the best thrash moments for the year.

''Parasit Eve’’ takes the heat and continues to flourish where the instruments left off. A great, enjoyable main riff kicks in, the bass stands out a little more than the average which is absolutely great, it is almost like an instrumental festival. Reminds me also a little bit of Iron Maiden, which continues with magnificent melodic melodies once again. Has a really good solo section as well. Vocals are also stunning.

Our favorite, incredibly enjoyable ''Altered Beast'' will be one of the greatest thrash you will be heard in this year. Has an iconic thrash riff, an incredibly enjoyable chorus, great drumming, and as always in Bonehunter’s music, has a magnificent almost Amon Amarth-like epic solo. Absolute a musical orgasm from start to finish.

With its slower tempo, ''Gashadokuro'' takes things and turns them kinda more mature way which gives you a little bit of air to breathe in this chaotic speedy blackened thrash record. Has a great driving headbanging riff, continues mid-tempo, and is a little bit darker than the others, a good stop by to gather the energy for rest of the album.

''Nightmare Angel 2099'' takes the pace to the moon with its speedy riffs and chaotic melodies. Continues to deliver headbangs and great vocals, has enjoyable vibes all around it. A great, long guitar solo section gives the goosebumps.

Overall, ''Dark Blood Reincarnation System'' is one of a hell record absolutely. Having magnificent riffs and melodies, it is one of the best one for the thrash scene for sure. Offers 40-minute long pure enjoyment and great blackened thrash.


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