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Debauchery - Monster Metal

Overall: 80/100

The Iconic German death metal band Debauchery releases their new album ‘’Monster Metal’’ which contains really enjoying, headbanging 50 minutes of material, every metal fan should listen. It’s like a manifesto from the race of the reapers from the mass effect playing in an entertaining way.

Beginning with the national anthem of these monsters, Bloodking is an excellent example of the Debauchery’s sound. Monstrous vocals and astonishingly catchy riff supply energy. It may little strange for those who do not know the sound of debauchery but it will grow on you very fast and you will find yourself while screaming ‘’Hail The Blood King!’’ A simple, great haunting anthem.

''Skull Mountain'' starts fast and vicious riffs with those significant vocals. The energetic playing keeps going on. Great guitar melodies follow the tempo and add freshness to the album. A brilliant combination of catchy patterns ends it.

Perfectly executed, incredibly entertaining ‘’Debauchery Warmachine’’ presents the band’s complete musicality. An awesome fast pace catchy riff greets you and starts the engine. It a full of headbanging experiences from start to finish.

‘’Metal to the Bone’’ follows the same way as the last one, starts with war-chant like heavy drums and a mid-tempo catchy riff, continues with keeping the energy and screams of metal to the bone! A completely genuine track.

The second half of the album goes similar to the first half. So if you liked what you read above, you will love the other half too.

‘’Hate Kill Murder’’ slowly builds with its chanting vocals and heavy guitars. Then the main mid-tempo, catchy, haunting riff continues to bang ears. The title track ‘’Monster Metal’’ takes a little bit melodic approach with leading guitar melodies.

Overall, ‘’Monster Metal’’' is a catchy, full of joy, headbanging outcome from the band. You can imagine how much they had fun while they were creating it. Although it sometimes feels a little long and contains some too similar tracks, it’s a solid and rare one you can find. Every metal fan should listen, especially in these covid times for some entertainment. Totally, a solid effort.


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