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Vreid - Wild North West

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 85/100

One of the most important bands for the Norwegian Metal scene, Vreid puts their successful and probably the most diverse the ninth album ‘’Wild North West’’ Brings the cowboy hat to dark Norwegian streets and it will be your cold, headbanger wind on these warm days.

Standouts: The Morning Red, Dazed and Reduced, Into the Mountains

Beginning after a movie like an intro the self-titled track ‘’Wild North West’’ releases this adventure’s first riffs from the Kraken. A great-produced headbanging riff continues thoroughly with the strong-sounding bass. Vocals also sound excellent. At the half, you will sense the enslaved like creative duo guitars proggy playing which brings the chills of the Norwegian forests.

At ‘’Wolves at Sea’’ blasting drums and crushing black metal riffs take the pace high. You can feel how the progressive elements are perfectly used by slow tempo drums and basses that attend to keyboards and creates a great atmosphere, which would be a good fit the moment while you are looking a snow-capped forest. Then dual guitar works surround the air and mix with the clouds.

The slow and catchy intro of ''The Morning Red'' almost would be successful to bring Metallica to this Norwegian forest. Follows by magnificent guitar playing, continues with trying to hit your emotional way by clean but evilly vocals.

The trashy ''Shadows of Aurora'' gives a good variety for all thrash metal lovers. Starting with a strong bass pattern, goes into overkill like thrash metal part which adds this journey freshness for all open-minded black metal, extreme metal lovers.

Chaotic drums and riffs of ‘’Spikes of God’’ brings upon the dark clouds over us again. Fast-paced blast beats, classic black metal riffs and kvlt vocals will make proud the Norwegian gods once again for sure.

Probably the most entertaining one ‘’Dazed and Reduced’’ brings headbanging with its beautifully crafted heavy metal-like riffs and fascinating clean vocals. Guitars stand out every second, showing the Vreid’s rich musicality. A perfect headbanging journey from beginning to end.

Overall, ‘’Wild North West’’ is a perfect example of diverseness. It has some classic black metal moments for sure but also has some progressive, heavy metal moments, rocky elements, or even has an electronic part at ''Into the Mountains'' There is something for everyone.


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