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Sarmat - RS-28

Overall: 80/100

Poland has always had an important place in the black/death metal genre. The Polish blackened death metal band Sarmat released their debut album and brings the crushing metal side of their dark and cold musicality. If you want your death metal dark, fast, with full of blast beats and strong vocals, this can fill your day.

Beginning with a crushing and catchy riff ‘’Coldgrinder’’ directly takes you into this dark and heavy pool right away. Amazing production quality stands out, heavy drumming, dark and vicious vocals meet with sick riffing technique. Fast pace guitars lead till the end, blast beats fit perfectly. A perfect intro to this dark journey.

With its dark and spooky intro ‘’Evilution’’ expands the technicality, incredible drumming continues to bang the ears. Fast-paced Dark-type riffs sound seductive and catchy and doubles the darkness of the atmosphere. In the second half, guitars are used a little bit more freely and the Meshuggah-like outro is breathtaking.

The title track ‘’RS-28’’ opens with atmospheric guitars and significant vocals. Mid-tempo drumming expands this atmosphere then once again, pace climbs, a magnificent riff comes and drives the song make this one is a banger!

’Seeds of Uncertainty’’ Stands out with its ambient intro, tries different things, and provides freshness with its grooviness. Then it goes back to the roots, crushing riffs and blast beats surrounds the ears once more.

The outro tracks ‘’Blackout(Scenario for Tomorrow part I&II)’’ continue to deliver heaviness, takes a little bit more technical approach with melodies, heavy drumming, and headbanging elements mixes very well, leaves a good taste before the ending.

Overall, Sick drumming, excellent vocals stand out perfectly. Personally, wanted to hear more tempo changes time to time but entirely it is a solid one for debut and increases expectations. Definitely want to hear and can’t wait for the next one.


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