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Seth - La Morsure du Christ

Updated: May 7, 2021

Overall: 82/100

The French language has always had a good relationship with black metal and Seth is one of the impressive examples of it. After long 8 years, Seth releases their successful brand new album ‘’La Morsure du Christ’’ And it seems Seth’s musical approach evolved significantly with those years.

Chaos starts with the title track ''La Morsure du Christ’’ great blast beats and heavy riffs start the fire. The catchy, melodic main riff comes with all its headbangs. Vocals fire around like dragon breath. Building up with a great combination of guitars leaves the way to atmospheric horror movie-like musical elements. Then, drums kick in and bring the fire again. Energetic, a fresh outcome from start to end.

A great Primordial-like riff opens the ‘’Metal Noir’’ blast beats and chaos follows it and spreads the fire. Going face pace then cut with great orchestral melodies and masterfully crafted vocal harmonies. Later all chaos comes back through from Notre Dame. A fascinating greatly executed track.

War chant-like slow but heavy drums lead the way to epic riff at the start of ‘’Sacrifice de Sang’’ which gives a different path to look at Seth’s music. With all its freshness this one is my favorite. Fascinating atmospheric elements greet you at the half and takes the song to an upper level.

A great headbanging, catchy riff opens the ‘’Hymne au Vampire (Acte III)’’ Then without any delay, chaotic materials come again from the instruments. A classic black metal riff meets ambient components one more time then the catchiness takes control of the song. Generally, a pure evil, entertaining black metal song.

Ends this chaos with epic and mighty ‘’Le Triomphe de Lucifer’’ Crushing black metal riffs and blast beats along with the ambient chants gives all epicness and creates all you need for a day as a black metal lover.

Overall, It is a solid record with mixes of ambient elements, evil vocals, catchy riffs, pure black metal heaviness, and chaotic feelings. Definitely give a listen.


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