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Crypts of Despair - All Light Swallowed

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 86/100

Lithuanian death metallers Crypt of Despair puts out their finest, darkest, creepiest work with All Light Swallowed and they have no intention to give you any time to breathe. Darkness will hit your face like a truck and get ready for this wicked trip to the World full of bloody rats.

We’re opening the manhole with ''Being–Erased'' heavy, and crushing death metal riffs welcomes us, continues with high-speed wicked riffs in-company with rotten vocals that lights the path in this sewer. Going to the darkness again with slow-tempo death metal riffs that circuit around like shadows. Soul-crushing drums take the song to peak and end it.

Continues with the fastest as light, guitar riffs and blasting drums of ''Anguished Exhale'' which are getting cut at the half of the song with a mourning scream. Everything slows down and takes the atmosphere to another deeper level. Melodic riffs pass through like a pack of rats and disappear at shadows.

Calming melodies cry after the rats and the crushing riff takes the level far below. Along with ''Choked By The Void'' fastness, harshness comes back with incredibly guitar works and blast beats. Then the song slows again with soul-crushing drums, guitars crying like doing lamenting, and ends with sharp high-speed riffs.

A ton of riffs slaps you in the face with ''Condemned to Life'' which continues rapidly and will make you headbang as you have never done before. In ''Synergy of Suffering'' the crushing bass leaves the place to one of the best moments in the album, headbanging drums set the pace and fabulous death metal riffs in harmony with wicked vocals make you hypnotized around the tunnels of this sewer.

Finding the exit point with the latest masterwork ''Bleak View'' which is another atmospheric genius. Ambient guitars lift off the shadows, make the rats run away, and gives light to your room again.

Overall, All Light Swallowed is definitely one of the best death metal album of this year. 37 minutes of pure darkness with crushing riffs in harmony with atmospheric, headbanging elements. The production sounds perfect as well. If you like your death metal in a dark way, certainly give it a spin.


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