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Mephorash - Krystl-AH

Overall: 85/100

From the depths of darkness, Swedish black metal artists emerge with their atmospheric genius.

Stands outs: Krystl-Ah, Soma Yoni, Catoptrophilia

Beginning with the title track, 'Krystl-Ah' you immediately sense the darkness and epic grandeur with powerful drum patterns and vocals. The music continues steadfastly, enveloping listeners in Nordic black metal elements through its atmospheric melodies and guitar work.

The album further develops these elements with an emotional depth reminiscent of soundtracks like The Last of Us Part 2, particularly in 'Gnosis' which plunges into the profound, almost suicidal realms of black metal.

The pace intensifies with 'Catoptrophilia' arguably the most satanic track, showcasing the band's musical prowess at a higher level.

My personal favorite, 'Soma Yoni' blends Lifelover and Thy Light influences with its dark tones, crafting a masterful and standout piece in this year's black metal scene.

From this point onward, the album takes a more avant-garde and ambient approach, notably with the beautiful 'Chrysallís'

While the second half of the album might not carry the same intense energy as the first half, it still contains numerous great and masterful moments, notably 'Soma Yoni' 'Krystl-Ah' and 'Gnosis'

This album is a must-listen for black metal lovers this year.


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