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Impaled Nazarene - Eight Headed Serpent

Overall: 75/100

Finnish satanic powerhouse Impaled Nazarene releases their 13th effort ''Eight Headed Serpent'' which contains pure fast and enjoyable 30 minute-long material. Brings the balrog with all his shadows and flames back to the surface once again from the mines of Moria. You will feel the heat of the flames of hell at every minute.

Beginning with the definition of oral sex ‘’Goat of Mendes’’ bringing heavily powerful fast and vicious instruments. Along preserving its pace, you will surprise by how evily produced and played from start to finish. The vocals sound like they come from the badly smells swamps.

The title track ’’Eight Headed Serpent’’ continues to bring the same fastest approach with a little bit of seasoned punkier riffing style and elements. Drums sounds vicious as fuck again. It's a 2.30-minute long banger if you want a fucker energy to continue your day :)

My one of the favorite one ‘'Non-conformists" realizes me Kill em All with a perfectly crafted catchy thrashy riff. Continues the same enjoyable style till the end. It is a fabulous headbanger one.

The 1 minute long ‘’Octagon Order’’ brings again the Napalm Death-like elements on the table. Come and goes with fast riffs and blast beats. I liked especially the outro section with all instruments finds their peak. ‘’Debauchery and Decay’’ start as you predicted with catchy fast guitar riffs, has a great chorus part that you will remember too after the end. It is a great one definitely.

Another headbanging one ''Triumphant Return Of The Antichrist’' has a great riding death metal riff, My favorite of all ‘’Unholy Necromancy’’ probably the most ''complete'' and all-rounder one. With great black metal elements, blast beats, and magnificent sounding bass tone. Can crush some scenes at concerts for sure.

Ending this 30-minute hell fest with slow-paced ‘’Foucault Pendulum’’ slow tempo drums and guitars collides and creates a dark, sinister atmosphere while we running out around these flames.


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