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Cadaveric Incubator - Nightmare Necropolis

Overall: 83/100

Finnish death-grind band Cadaveric Incubator releases their second album ‘’Nightmare Necropolis’’ Presents demolishing, fast, groovy, catchy 30-minute long experience. Tie yourself to your chair and make sure that no one is around. Pure, strong headbangs are coming.

Starting with brain-crushing bass sound ‘’World Necrosis’’ grows itself with brutal growls and energetic death metal riffs. Drives to the song as a fast, final destination truck, follow with blast beats and great fast-paced riff combinations. Bass takes its role once again near the end and enhanced the main riff into a beast. Continues with a vicious well fitted solo.

‘’Blood Lost’’ continues to bang without slowing down, great slam brutal death metal like vocals tears the headphones. Going vicious and fast. Then the pace slows down with a magnificent riff and brings headbangs from the hell. These slow, brutal, riff drive moments are my favorite throughout the album.

Begins fast, vicious then interrupted with a banger bass guitar riff ‘’Necropolis’’ offers great guitar works. Then it slows along with blasting drums and growls. High pitch guitars continue to expand the brutality and catchiness.

The second half of the album is much more diverse and technical. ‘’Sickly Obsessed’’ is one of the examples of it. Blast beats and brutal riffs come with no surprise, drums drive the song masterfully, vicious mid-tempo riff continues to deliver catchiness and heaviness. Especially, from technical aspect, this one is a banger!

‘’Through the Flesh’’ probably the most entertaining one on the album. Aborted like vocal changes provide freshness, riffs deliver a lot of headbangs. Blast beats, heavy drumming leads the way to a splendidly crafted catchy mid-tempo riff.

Overall, this is an enjoyable, headbanging, solid 30 minutes of pure death grind. If you like this type of death metal definitely give it a listen when it is released.


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