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Aborted - ManiaCult

Overall: 82/100

Brutal death metal giants Aborted releases their 11th record ‘’ManiaCult’’ aiming to take you the beaches of the Lovecraftian city of Innsmouth with all the cultist vibes and uneasy atmosphere crafted by the filthiest instruments.

You can sense the deformity of the citizens you will encounter throughout the album with the Intro track ‘’Verderf’’ While the soul-crushing drums ripping out the ears, the characteristic and unique vocals of Aborted comes to your way as big octopus tentacles.

The long silence at the end broken down with the explosive guitar works of the title track ‘’ManiaCult’’ the blast beats and melodic brutal riffs drives the song along with the excellent vocals. In the mid, the tempo slows and the breakdowns take the harshness one more level above. A great solo follows the perfectness.

Heaviness continues to flow with the ‘’Impetus Odi’’ one of the best one on the album with its incredible riff works. Reminds the mighty Retrogore(2016) album, stands out with the magnificently crafted catchy guitar riffs at the mid. And continues to surprise with the mighty guitar solo. The bass sounds strong as the Cthulhu’s teeth.

‘’Portal to Vacuity’’ goes fast as hell, unfortunately feels a little bit shit fest and dull with all those just fast instruments. Lacks a little bit of organization for my taste. Honestly, it is one of the tracks that I felt the deficiency of the former guitarist Mendel Bij De Leij.

On the contrary ‘’Dementophobia’’ is one of the well-rounded one on the album. A great catchy riff work stands out and drives the song perfectly. The mixing of the heaviness goes brilliantly. The vocals sound perfect. And with the slow riffing style and incredibly headbanging theme at the midsection, continues to deliver the characteristic features of Aborted. Has a magnificent solo at the and as well.

‘’Ceremonial Ineptitude’’ starts with a slow catchy riff, continues mid-tempo headbanging riff works till the half, then the heaviness comes from the depths once again with the melodic Cattle Decapitation-like brutal riffs and blast beats. Has a really catchy chorus with amazing breakdowns. Ends with the filthiest Lovecraftian atmosphere with the all-changing vocal ranges.

Starts brutal and fast ‘’Grosteque’’ is a classic Aborted song. Has everything to represent them, the harshness, brutal riffs, solos, melodic lead parts, etc. The main riff and the lead guitar melodies stand out a little bit but it feels a little bit long and overcomplicated for me.

Overall, the mighty journey the Aborted had from the Global Flatline(2012) continues to reign, much more atmospheric, themed than usual which is a really tasty thing for sure. But I think it lacks from time to time the former guitarist Mendel Bij de Leij creativity. Apart from that ‘’ManiaCult’’ is a well-rounded, solid one for the discography once again for Aborted.


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