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Wormlight - Nightmother

Updated: May 7, 2021

Overall: 85/100

Sweden and black metal… What have your expectations with these two come together? Dissection like melodic riffs, Watain like evilness? Wormlight’s new album ‘’Nightmother’’ besides fulfilling these needs, put out some fresh, evil, and powerful materials on the table.

Nightmother will be out on 7th May via Black Lion Records.

Opening not surprisingly, the title track ''Nightmother'' bangs the air with blast beats and melodic riffs continuously, vocals sound like Behemoth’s early works and creates a dark atmosphere behind these evil riffs. After the half, the song takes an atmospheric approach, then completes itself with a great solo.

The mighty ''Whispering of Night'' expands the evilness. Perfectly crafted black metal riffs, blasting drums follows by a wonderful chorus part. Then the melodic riff section takes the song top of the mountains.

''Blood Wine and Spirits'' slows the general pace with an emotional clean guitar pattern. Then turns itself to be a classic black metal song. Strong, slow-paced drums meet with great vocal harmonies Touching, almost Amon Amarth like solo brings the cold winds of Sweden into our rooms.

''Voidspawn'' stands out with the splendidly crafted melodic black metal riffs. Energetic vocals come through with its all power, great drumming continues to bang the ears. Has a great part with a magnificent riff combination along with ambient chants.

''Aeon of the Wolves'' creates an atmosphere that will take you to the Scandinavian forests with its intro section. After that, another melodic riff sails the ship to the heaven of melodic black metal lands. A great duo playing riffs which you will be encounter on 7th May will encourage this thought.

Nightmother stands out with many strong aspects and it is a solid effort for the scene. Even though it may sound too melodic from time to time, it definitely deserves to be mentioned at the end-of-the-year lists.


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