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Winter Eternal - Land Of Darkness

Overall: 85/100

The Greek melodic black metal band Winter Eternal released their highly anticipated third album ‘’Land of Darkness’’ which offers you melodically, demolishing tunes that will chill your heart till the last vein froze.

“Crossing The Blackest Skies” stars fast-paced melodic black metal riff and vicious blast beats continue with Scandinavian folky guitar works and Rotting Christ-like atmosphere with the tearing vocals and headbanging riffing style. Then, melodies come through from the guitars, while the mid-tempo drums add freshness, strong bass tune expands the heaviness.

“Land of Darkness” exceptional bass work kicks the song and continues all through with a magnificent melodic riff. Vocals tear the air, melodies and drums build the song, chaotic fast-paced riffs, blast beats take the heaviness one more level above.

With the epic guitar riff ‘’The Illusive Wings Of Death” stars catchy, mid-tempo headbanging and fresh, then fast-paced chaotic melodic riffs come back once more. Almost like an Amon Amarth-like epic riff chills the hearts. Continues emotionally, leaves way the catchiness once again. One of the best in the album for sure.

Stars with clean guitars and emotional melodies “Crown of Stars” has a great played violin pattern as well. Fast-paced drums accompany it, guitars bring the chaos once again. A great one for the technical aspect.

The more kvlt black metal one with its incredible vocals “Faded To Silence” goes vicious and fast, chaotic. Pure black metal riffs and blast beats explode the ears. A 3 minute pure vicious black metal experience. I especially liked the style of vocals. With its great keyboards ‘’Isolation” reminds me of the early works of Burzum. But it's the fast and chaotic version of it. Continues and ends with preserving its pace.

Overall, it is a solid record full of melodic black metal riffs but has also a catchy greek influence. Has a variety of instruments such as violin and keyboards. It’s full of solid elements. Definitely give it a listen.


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