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Warmoon Lord - Battlespells

Overall: 84/100

Finnish black metal band Warmoon Lord, releases their highly anticipated second effort “Battlespells” after their successful debut one. Offers you 38-minute long atmospheric, kvlt black metal with fascinating melodies.

Starts with the 2-minute long great interlude “Virtus Tenebris” a perfect opening with the mid-tempo drums and guitars and sinister atmosphere. The bass sounds awesome as well. Ambient chants and the war, swords sounds accompany at the end.

The banger, filthier one “Purging Nefarious Vortex” stars viciously with crushing blast beats and guitar riffs. Continues high tempo, fast-paced instruments, the vocals sound like they are from the deepest corner of hell. Leads the way to the catchy second half with great headbanging black metal riffs. The ambient elements surround and add freshness, the production sounds thick. A great and enjoyable one from the band.

“Of a Moribund Vision” kicks in with ambient cheers and melodic guitar riffs, builds the atmosphere and the song greatly. Then the fast-paced elements come once again with blast beats and crushing guitars. The ambient chants give an epic feeling among those soul-crushing drum and guitar works. Reminds me a little bit of Burzum at the half, continues, and ends with preserving its pace and kvltness.

With its magnificent intro section with ambient works and war-like drums, chants, or even great acoustic guitar patterns, ”The Key of the Moonpiercer’’ probably the most epic one on the album. Follows the intro, with the blast beats and a great melodic guitar riff, continues to shine with the melodies. Continues fast pace, vicious drums brings also emotions to the table.

Starts with mid-tempo catchy guitar work ”Oracles of War” continues with full of melodic guitar patterns. Leaves the way to kvlt moments with blast beats and fast pace classic black metal riffs. Screaming like vocals give goosebumps, and takes the heaviness one more level above.

Overall, it is a crushing one for the band. A great follow-up, I would rather hear a little bit more tempo changes but it is a solid one for the band and the scene.


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