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Vallendusk - Heralds of Strife

Overall: 80/100

Have you ever imagined how it will be if Blind Guardian plays black metal with a heavier tone? Try Vallendusk's new album ‘’Heralds of Strife’’ Indonesian black metallers put their freshest, darker one after their successful Fortress of Primal Grace.

Kicks in with banging drums and guitars, ‘’The Last Soar As The Feathers Fall’’ is the first we encounter in this musical art. Fast pace tempo meets with folky guitars and creates a bright atmosphere. Greatly fitted vocals, melodic black metal riffs continue till the other half. Then a perfect pair of Moonsorrow like riffs gives lots of joy and brings headbangs. Has a magnificent outro as well.

‘’Towards the Shimmering Dawn’’ without slowing down the general pace, delivers a great black metal riff along with blast beats. Folky elements once again become more apparent. Has a great melodic, enjoyable chorus part. Acoustic guitars are also used in the album from time to time as in here. Epic moments continue till the end.

Impressive clean vocals greet at the intro of ‘’Ethereal Echoes of Devotion’’ which gives a different feeling to look at. I chose to say those vocals add freshness to the song. Folkier but also power metal-like epic playing builds up the butterflies in our stomachs. The atmospheric part is also outstanding. Probably the most epic one on the album. Has a great piano part at the end.

Make your campfire, take the marshmallows and hit the play button of ‘’Solivagant Heart’’ But be careful, A cold wind from the middle ages may extinguish it. Magnificent epic riffs, strong bass, and vocals will make you feel like you are in Skyrim, and acoustic guitars will be your Dragonborn once again.

Overall, It is a good record with all folky, epic elements. Songs feel a little bit too long but it is generally good mixing of folk and black metal. If you like this version you need to give a chance to ‘’Heralds of Strife’’


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