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Tribulation - Where the Gloom Becomes Sound

One of the greatest band of this generation returns with their fresh, energetic outcome ‘’Where the Gloom Becomes Sound’’ Get ready for this wonderful musical journey, fasten your seatbelt and be ready to get hypnotized among magical notes.

Standouts: Hour of the Wolf, Elementals, The Wilderness

Overall: 83/100

Gloom starts with ‘’In Remembrance’’, which has some melodies that feel like you are in a horror movie. The ''Hey!'' spreads this gloom everywhere on our headphones. Drums kicks in like a war-chant theme, Johannes’s genuine vocals taking you from the real World to in this horror movie. Follows with great guitar works will feed your Tribulation hunger.

You will be encounter with the werewolves at the band’s new masterwork ‘’Hour of the Wolf’’, as, like the band’s previous work Melancholia, this one also hits you with fascinating riffing techniques. Low tempo, headbanger guitar riffs follows with a fascinating solo towards to end.

After the werewolves, ‘’Leviathans’’, comes from the deepest oceans by dancing and gliding through the clouds. Includes one of the magnificent build-ups at the half of the song with outstanding lead guitars and a dark speech about leviathans.

We’re approaching the half of the album with ‘’Dirge of a Dying Soul’’, which feels like almost a ballad for vampires. Starts with a great riff continues slow tempo till the end of it. You can experience sadness while blood drops to the floor from your teeth.

‘’Elementals’’, take the tempo high and it is one of the basic, original example for the sound of Tribulation. From start to end, greater riffs surround you like want you to obey and let yourself into the depths of the band’s musical geniuses. The last half of the song contains an incredible and emotional solo from Adam Zaars.

The drum work of ‘’Inanna’’, the harmony of the guitars, and vocal have created another banger for the Swedish band. The much more rocker tone generates a different path to look at the band’s music.

‘’The Wilderness’’ closes this gothic horror movie, the band showing their skills truly, varieties of riffs, solos, even it lets the bass talk at the half of the song. You can understand that they tried to create their Master of Puppets with this song.

Overall, Where the Gloom Becomes Sound is a great follow up their magnificent work ‘’Down Blow’’. Even I liked more their previous one, this one also has some fascinating moments to will fulfill your Tribulation hunger.


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