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Sabhankra - Death To Traitors

Overall: 80/100

The Turkish melodic black/death metallers Sabhankra released their successful sixth album ‘’Death To Traitors’’ It has full of crushing experiences with Kreator-like explosive riffing style and Marduk-like black metal elements. It is a solid, successful one from the Turkish powerhouse.

Beginning with a great melodic riff which comes to your face as a heavy tank at ‘’Call To Arms’’ The blast beats follows it with the Marduk-like black metal riffs, the crushing atmosphere leaves the way to melodic guitar melodies and vocals puts the heaviness one more level above. Drums are perfectly executed, ends with preserving their heaviness and melodies. A great opening for the Turkish fellers.

’’Burn Down Their Halls’’ starts powerfully with the melodic black metal riffs and crushing blast beats. Continues with Sepultura-like tribal ambient elements. Builds with heavy, headbanging riffs and vicious vocals. Fast-paced melodic riffs bring freshness. It feels a little bit too long but definitely an enjoyable and headbanging experience.

Probably the most thrashy and the catchiest one ‘’Death To Traitors’’ starts with a great thrashy, chaotic Kreator-like riffing style. Fast-paced melodic riffs and vicious vocals build the song impressively. You may find yourself screaming ‘’Death to the Traitors!’’ when it grows on you. It is either melodic, chaotic, and catchy for the catalog.

The slow and strong opening continues with mid-tempo, perfectly crafted drumming at ‘’I Came This Far For Nothing’’ Then the pace goes fast once again along with chaotic instruments.

Overall, the production sounds too polished and song durations a little bit too long for me from time to time but it’s really dynamic, chaotic, solid, and riffful one from the Turkish metallers. If you want to hear Kreator-like chaotic elements mix with the Marduk’s black side definitely give it a listen.


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