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Osiris - Meanders A Soul...

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 87/100

Egyptian Black metallers Osiris, offers to your soul an emotional journey from the black deserts to the top of pyramids with their comeback album Meanders A Soul…

When you will be in need of a little bit of water, wind, or direction to find a path; some fascinating melodies, solos riffs in the Meanders of Soul will serve your purposes.

Standouts: Self Destructive Nature, Our Essence, Endless Sands

Our journey begins with ''Seasons of Flooding Chaos (Akhet Nw Isfet)'' some '’poo-tee-weet?’’ noises then symphonic melodies greet the birds with some war-chant drums. But as we said this journey is not about full of joy, you will be aware that when you hear some mourning screams. Great interlude from beginning to end.

Crushing riffs welcomes us alongside great vocals in ''Of Hate, Passion, and Eternity'' high tempo riffing continues with some moody piano melodies. As with its name, the song divides itself in half by lowering the tempo and letting the symphony talk. Building up the feelings with sick vocals.

The Huge Stones appear before us like a tornado while we sitting at the top of the pyramid. ''Forgotten Stones of Time'' take the tempo to clouds with blasting riffing with some blast beats in company with great symphonic melodies.

Stones go below to the ground, tornado stops and welcoming, soothing riffs surround us with a great leading pattern. ''Faceless Men'' in addition to having almost like Moonspellish riffs, holds our hands and lead us through to half of this glamorous journey.

We are continuing and starting to discover the secrets of the pyramids with ''Self Destructive Nature'' soul-crushing drums with dark symphonic melodies. Awesome riffs clean the dust of our hearts while a melancholic lead pattern and almost Wasp like a sorrowful solo make us to getting lost around the brightest stars.

The most heavy metal-ish song ''Our Essence'' which I fell in love with it, is a genius track from a musical way. It is a perfect combination of heavy metal-ish guitar riffs with sick vocals and wonderful melodies.

While we are closing to the end ''Night Sky'' take the tempo to the clouds again, and get the things darker after half of it. Harakiri for the sky-like piano melodies expands the dark territory, ends with classic black metal-ish vocals and soul-crushing outro.

The journey getting completed with technically vicious ''Endless Sands'' is a crushing track with softer symphonic melodies. Overall, even so, the drums sometimes sounds too much machine-like, this album is a perfect example of a combination symphony and black metal.


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