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Livløs - And Then There Were None

Overall: 84/100

The new exciting Scandinavian melodic death metal band LivLos is releasing their highly anticipated second album "And Then There Were None One" after their sensational debut one. Offering 37 minutes long refreshing fresh air from the melodic death metal scene.

Starts fast and sharp melodeath riffs, the title track continues and brings the Scandinavian cold winds with the magnificent Gothenburg riffing style. The vocals sound like they are mixing of brutal death and melodic scene. The second half is more melodic which I think it should be the main focus for the band for the next one. We're looking here a talented band that can produce lots of magical melodic stuff. "Serpentine Supremacy" begins as the same as the title track, taking a much more hardcorish approach as some of The Haunted's(band) materials. Brings tons of headbangs, one of the most joyful one for sure on the album. Taking a more old-school death metal approach "Mortal Severance" starts slowly with the atmospheric growls and Obituary-like slow riff. Continues with being much more technical, feels a little bit dull and long. Could be fresher, the band chose the safe approach for this one.

Begins with an interlude "Kıstefjael" the second half of the album is has one of the best moments for this year's melodeath scene. "Drenched In Turmoil" begins with a familiar tone and continues with fast vicious riffs. But this time the freshest materials of the Scandinavian seas are on the table. Combines the old death and modern elements with melodic death metal scene masterfully. Taking the overall heaviness one more level above with the headbanging slow chorus part. The second half of it goes beyond the brutal death with the greatly produced growls. A great melodic mid-tempo riff takes this masterpiece to end. With all the energetic vibes "Seize The Night" is easily my favorite one on the album. The band takes much more free and experimental approaches, the energy, freshness, and using all instruments equally, have an even instrumental part with a great melody. A masterwork that you have to experience all the joy. Overall, Livlos continues their journey with another banger. Keeping the scene fresh and giving high hopes for the next one. If you seek some fresh elements for your melodeath definitely give it a spin.


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