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Khandra - All occupied by sole Death

Overall: 83/100

Belarusian black metallers Khandra released their first full-length debut album ''All occupied by sole Death'' will meet you with darkness and blood, take you to the world of the catacombs, surround you with skeleton army plays minute-long atmospheric black metal manifesto.

After an atmospheric opening interlude, ''Irrigating lethal acres with blood'' welcomes you with a groovy and sinister characteristic guitar riff. Drums play their war-like role, guitars put out black metal riffing style. Song builds up with all grooviness and continues as a mid-tempo headbanging, atmospheric one. The pace goes fast with chaotic drumming then the mid-tempo black metal riff and drums take the song one more level above. Vocals splendidly fit this dark atmosphere immersively. A great opening for the Belarussian war chiefs.

Starts slowly and atmospheric ''In harvest against the Sun’’ builds with great and heavy chaotic drums, melodic riffs, and sinister growls. Then the fast-paced riff comes to erupt your ears with scary heavy vocals. The main, catchy as fuck, magnificent riff brings all the headbang you need for a day. I really liked the instruments in this song especially, all play their role impressively and takes the technicality beyond the clouds.

Chaotic, fast ''With the blessing of starless night’’ takes the album's overall tempo a little bit higher with all its fast-paced black metal riffs and blast beats. The bass guitar stands out and drives the song strongly with its powerful tone near the half. Continues fast and chaotic, has an outro with a great mid-tempo atmospheric riff with impressive drum playing.

Ends this journey with a black metal classic title track "All occupied by sole Death" which has a classic, magnificent black metal riff, drives the song with lead guitar melodies. Continues thick, fast and melodic ''All occupied by sole Death'’ one of the best one on the album for me.

Overall, "All occupied by sole Death" is a remarkably good one for a debut. Has a dark atmosphere, fast, black metal riffs, and incredibly played drums. Technical and groovy elements mixed very well as well. Provides much more hype for the next one.


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