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Kauan - Ice Fleet

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 96/100

Have you ever wanted to be alone in an ocean? Silence, long, dark but calmy waves… Stars lighting the way while the moon shines and reflects the light from the other worlds. Drop everything, take your headphones and come to this big ocean valley within Ice Fleet.

After their successful record Kaiho, Post Rock masters Kauan drops a masterpiece again. This time you will go through from the big waves to big warships.

From calmness to chaos, there is no hurry and it builds everything slowly. The instrumental work is all at its best again. Calmy guitars and ambient sounds creates a perfect mood to switch off a little bit and get away with real-world problems. Although there are some moments that can be felt repetitive, it is not as much as the previous one. There a lot more metal moments, heavier guitar and drum tone, and full with post-metal growls. Also, 40 minutes listen time is coherent to finish off without getting over listening.

In conclusion, take a look at the beautiful cover and create your story by yourself and definitely give a listen to this beautiful post-rock material in these lockdown times.


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