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Harakiri For The Sky - Mære

Overall: 88/100

One of the most successful DSBM band Harakiri For The Sky released their highly anticipated ‘’Maere’’ Make you feel various emotions and it is a combination of All of their previous albums.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.'' Helen Keller


Is The first feeling you encounter. ‘’I, Pallbearer’’ Kicks in with a couple of great melodies, building with guitars, Krimh drums set the pace of the song. Takes the butterflies from your stomach. Then harshness comes with vocals and melodic riffs. Drives the song along with greatly produced drums. Production quality at its best throughout the album. Blast beats take the role, riff changes, goes the high pitch. I especially loved the other half of the song. The magnificent melodic riff takes it beyond heaven with piano patterns.


Clean, melodic magnificent melodies open the pandora’s box named ‘’Sign for the Damage We've Done’’ Great technical drums, crushing blast beats, and vocals go in, Rhythm guitar sets the pace, the instrumental part near the half is immersive. Catchy guitar and vocals create the chorus. Melodic leads give joy in these emotional storms. Headbanging, harsh riffs fire up the hope and the clean outro section gives the unbearable pleasure of pain.


Rhythm guitar cry along with mourning vocals at ‘'Us Against December Skies'’ Heavy, strong drumming pierce into the souls, the last hope in the heart resisting to fade with following amazing riff. Exceptional vocal harmonies kill it, leading melodies give funeral.


Brilliant guitar riffs and slow-paced strong drums pierce the silence at '‘I'm All About the Dusk’' and take us to the place where just only melodies live. Counting on to them, vocals help us in this land to find a path. Clean guitar melodies, technical drum works give the joy we were searching for. One of the best in the album.


A great clean guitar riff welcomes us at ''Once Upon a Winter'' drums accompany them then, the song continues with a combination of sad and heavy riffs. Mourning vocals reminds the times you feel nostalgic about. Mid-tempo riffs expand the musicality, adds catchiness and freshness. The other half is purely incredible. By the end of it, you will be aware once again that those days are gone into space and won’t come again.


Our favorite one ''And Oceans Between Us'' starts with a fascinating riff and building with strong drums, vocals. Then the main riff comes in, makes you feel craving for the things you couldn’t achieve in your life. Incredible art from start to end. There is nothing to say except masterpiece.


Closing this 1.30-hour melodic masterwork with ‘’Song to Say Goodbye’’ Starts with great pianos, continues fast, full of emotions. Gives relief to the souls with a sad but happy ending.

Overall, Maere is a combination of all. Has Arson’s type of melodics and darkness, Aokigahara’s depressiveness, and Tramua’s brightness. Very emotional, all-rounder work beginning to end.


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