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Grima - Rotten Garden

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 92/100

The Siberian atmospheric black metal wizards come back with their darkest, an album of the year contender and you will find yourself on a frozen planet where only ogres, trolls live.

Beginning with blasting drums and wicked, amazingly produced vocals ‘’Cedar and Owls’’ will surprise you how the folk elements were magnificently used. Emotionally rich solos continue to expand the feelings and give strong chills. Keyboards provide the emotions that the moment when you came face to face with Hydra at dark rotten root basin.

Coming with no mercy ‘’Mourning Comes At Sunset’’ has evil black metal riffs that bring the darkness and an incredibly played epic chorus part. Along with masterfully crafted symphonic elements following from wicked solos. Drums sounds fascinating as well.

The next one takes the pace to the most mysterious Russian forest. Folk elements stand out again at the half, almost give joy feelings to you before the following rottenness patterns. Give your Korpiklaani too much Russian vodka, take and leave them in a dark forest and here you go, you have ‘’At The Food Of The Red Mountains’’ All jokes aside, this one shows the Grima’s absolute musicality.

‘’Old Oak’’ becomes a great and calmy interlude before the self-titled frozen storm ‘’Rotten Garden’’ begins and surrounds you slowly as a python snake, prepares your ears to harsh and speedy parts. One more time, folky elements accompany and help this song to move one level above. Magnificent-sounding drums with great keyboard melodies guide you till the end.

Overall: If you like your black metal a little bit folky, you need definitely hear this masterpiece. Production quality, vocals stand out perfectly as well.


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