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Gojira - Fortitude

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 75/100

Legendary French progressive death metal band Gojira releases their new effort Fortitude after an emotionally rich record Magma. Fortitude represents mixed feelings including tracks that not only reminding their old crushing stuff but also ones refers the new type of Gojira to explore.

Standouts: New Found, Sphinx, Grind

The album kicks in with The Way of All Flesh and Magma’s daughter ''Born for One Thing'' Starts with crushing a typical Gojira riff while Mario smashing his drums again. Chorus has some Magma feeling with Joe’s machine-like vocals. Continues with rich melodies.

Representing the saving of the Amazon forest, ''Amazonia'' approaches the way as Sepultura did at the Roots. Has tribalistic elements, drums go in perfect harmony with the riff. But the duration of the song feels kinda long and leaves a dull taste towards to end. However, everyone should congratulate them for their activist way.

Starts with orchestral cheering, ''Hold On!'' Builds up with a melodically rich riff and offers you a little bit of heavy Gojira stuff. The main riff sounds like it comes from a good metalcore band, follows, Silvera like a bridge, and ends with preserving its pace.

We’re going deeper with the technically rich ''New Found'' Starts with a great riff that builds itself perfectly after hearing wonderfully crafted chores. Then we encountering almost the whales at the outro which we were searching last 9 years.

The Shooting Star’s sister ''The Chant'' has Joe’s clean vocals and probably will play on the radios for a long time. It may grow on people who do not like it, who knows?

Possibly has the best riff of the entire album ''Sphinx'' will have its place at the concerts longly for sure. Joe’s nasty vocals keep the level above and groovy drums will make your head up and down. Ends with masterfully crafted drum works.

Slow-paced, melodic, emotional ''The Trails'' sounds like almost Born In Winter at L'Enfant Sauvage. Joe’s clean vocals and simple drum patterns proceed till the end.

The fastest track ''Grind'' starts with lots of crushing breakdowns, Joe’s wild screams, and strong bass lines. After half of it, it turns into an emotionally rich bomb. Bass leads the way to our memories with the band and guitars create goosebumps. Ends with leaving good taste.

Overall, it is not at the level of The Way of All Flesh or The Link but has its explosive moments with Sphinx, New Found, and Grind, a radio banger The Chant, perfectly crafted Born for One Thing. Clearly better work and has more material than the latest one Magma. Presents the band's potential and provides faith for the next one.


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