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Goats of Doom - Shiva

Overall: 86/100

Finnish black metallers Goats of Doom released their 7th album ’Shiva’’ offers you 42 minute long enjoyable, fresh black metal. Mixes excellently crafted black metal atmosphere with folky parts and headbanging, catchy, groovy riffs.

Starts with a great catchy riff "ἀπōκάλυ" continues and builds the tempo with black n roll elements. Vocals fit perfectly, drums as thick as the nails, guitars continuously give their rocker tone and headbanging melodies. Then the magnificent, melodic chorus takes the overall enjoyment above level and the brighter ambient elements develop, provide a fresh atmosphere for the song. I especially liked the theatrical ambient-like outro.

‘’Uljas uusi maailma’’ takes the joy feeling and continues to bang it to our ears with catchy, grooving riffing style. Vocals fuse lots of energetic feeling with their screams, guitars accompany perfectly. The folky chorus part brings the Finnish folky feeling to the table. A great follow-up to getting used to the general feeling of the album. Clean vocals sound great and well produced as well.

One of my favorite ‘’Luomiskertomus’’ stars as you expect with groovy riffs counties a little bit differently. A great kvlt black metal riff builds the song perfectly then the surprise happens. A magical chorus part with Clean vocals makes you fall in love with how Finnish goes well with metal music. I prefer that section should be a little bit more have harmony from vocally but it's a good journey from start to end. The ghost bath-like melodic guitars are played flawlessly as well.

War-chant drums and trashy feelings of "Rotat" continue with an excellent catchy riff. Energetic fast-paced tempo leaves the place to a melodic chorus section. Has a great driving solo and perfectly played trashy riffs. The epic elements of the second half and lots of melodic guitar works adds variety.

The magnum opus of the album and the title track "Shiva" brings all the elements you heard until now and mixes them into one song. Definitely a perfect balanced, excellent work.

Overall, 'Shiva'' is the fresh air for the black metal scene. Mixes excellently crafted black metal with folky parts and headbanging, catchy, groovy riffs. If you want to hear your black metal seasoned with those elements, surely give a listen.


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