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Gloomy Grim - Agathonomicon

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 90/100

Hold your breath and get ready to release your inner self with another masterpiece for the symphonic black metal scene and this time the symphony mostly about keyboards and it is masterfully crafted. Mysterious Finnish symphonic black metal band Gloomy Grim will take you to the darkest corner of the World with Agathon’s evil vocals.

Standouts: The Hermit, To The Death I Have Sworn, Third Eye Opening

The Hermit hits your face with the classical harsh, vicious black metal riffs. Agathon vocals carry these riffs to the peak of frozen alps and snow-like keyboards make the atmosphere truly special. Continues with tearing guitars which leads the way into an emotionally rich, slow tempo, Darkthrone-like patterns.

''Master Inside'' takes the pace from the Alpes to Everest with speedy crushing black metal riffs, takes the power from heavy blast beats. The bass breaks down the song at the half and turning this into a goosebumper masterpiece. But be aware, the magnificent solo which comes after that may freeze your heart.

From Everest, we’re going to Blighttown from dark souls with the ''Third Eye Opening'' The heaviness of drums may break your frozen heart, continues with rapid steady riffs, then breaking down apart at the half with gorgeously crafted almost At the Gates-like riff. Things get darker every second with a wicked solo. Continues with the Keyboards coming through the halls of the Cthulhu.

Beginning with one of the catchiest riff of the album ''Conjunction To The Ground'' is a masterfully crafted headbanging experience. Agathon’s vocals merge with ambient keyboards and create the shadows once again. ''To The Death I Have Sworn'' blasting the drums to our forehead right away after kicks in. The other catchiest riff proves that the band has no mercy to your neck.

The greatness ends with ''Haunting, Hunting, Howling'' opens with a melody from Dracula's hall. Advances with the speedy riffs and crushing bass, drums compositions which are could be the band’s heaviest work. If you are lucky to discover, one last pair of heaviness surrounds you and presents the technical abilities of the members.

Overall, what a year for symphonic black metal scene. First Osiris now Gloomy Grim both puts a hell of a work and both come out from Satanath Records. Explosive bass guitar patterns meet with greatly fitted production and Agathon’s vocals. If you like your black metal with more catchy riffs you certainly give this massive album a listen.


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