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Ghost Bath - Starmourner

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 88/100

The 2010s one of the best Depressive Suicidal Black metal band Ghost Bath put out a great follow-up with Starmourner after their crushing masterpiece, Moonlover. Lay on a rock at the seaside, close your eyes, and be prepared for a journey from brightest to darkest stars.

Standouts: Celestial, Luminescence, Cherubim

First, you will encounter the star, ‘’Astral’’ It embraces you with calming piano melodies. Gives heat to your heart and prepares you for this wonderful journey from stars to stars. You can sense, not only the joy you will feel but also a lot of pain, depressiveness that may come to your hands.

Your mind blows away with the star you landed, ‘’Seraphic’’ opens with a great riff that you won’t be easily forgotten. Magnificent bass tune welcomes you alongside deep, soul-crushing vocals. Till it ends, emotions, musical joy, epicness continues repetitively.

Deadly sins you committed, fears you felt get throwing to your face in this relentless star, ‘’Ambrosial’’, starts heavy crushing till the half of it, then turns into a musical masterpiece with the harmonies, blasting drums, amazing headbanging guitar riffs.

Coming across with greeny, lovely, friendly star ‘’Ethereal’’, helps you to find your path with almost happy feeling riffs, catchier drums. The last half speeds up a little bit then ends its guiding with ambient spacey sounds.

Going a ruthless war in the star, ‘’Celestial’’ Victorious riffs, heavier tone, and incredibly crafted Amon Amarth-like guitar works surround you through the end, make you feel like you are mounted in a horse with your shield and axe. Ends with an ambient piano break downs the sound along with electro-type beats.

Turning into a baby in your crib with the mother-like star ‘’Angelic’’ Softer piano and acoustic guitars become a softening touch to your heart in this journey. The most epic star Luminescence gives you musical orgasm with perfectly crafted crushing riffs, vicious bass lines. This song may be the song you can felt the production quality with all elements.

The punisher star ‘’Thrones’’, has lots of iconic moments in the album. You can understand band tries so hard to create a complete all-rounder. Has either strong black metal moments with repetitive riffs and unique melodies.

The coolest star ‘’Cherubim’’, deserve to be the coolest one with almost having a riff from the Black Sabbath catalog. Making your path to another star through a church that has a lady in black.

The most banger star not seen after the big bang comes to your way with ‘’Principalities’’ Incredible, headbanging riffs continue and explode with steady riff and drum harmony.

Returning to the body with masterful piano work of ‘’Ode’’, take a deep breath and let the calmness surround you.


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