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Dornenreich - Du Wilde Liebe Sei

Overall: 75/100

German giants Dornenreich releases their ninth effort ''Du Wilde Liebe Sei'' offers you lots of material, instrumental richness, and calming elements that will give you the necessary breath and calming materials to continue the day.

"So Ruf' Sie Wach Das Sehnen" starts with great acoustic, clean guitars, and magnificent instrumental melodies, vocals add the evil feeling among these beautiful melodies. Great violin patterns take the emotions one more level above. A perfect 5-minute interlude for this full of musical richness.

‘’In Strömen Aus Verwandlung Ein Flackerloses Licht" stars with mid acoustic guitar riffs, continues slowly and provides a great catchiness. Then all instruments get slow, vocals come in, a dark feeling surrounds the atmosphere. The drums and magnificently played violins expand this dark atmosphere and make you feel like walking around at deep of a forest.

The strong, catchy bass pattern kicks in with "Dein Knöchern' Kosen" the vocals build it then the distortions adds a rocker atmosphere. Slow but steadily continues, it is like Rammstein with acoustics and slow played instruments.

''Sie Machen Mangel Zum Geschenk'' Take the rock-like approach with guitar riffs, distortion patterns. Has a catchy second half with the acoustic playing guitars and violins.

"Das Sehnen Von Mond Und Sonne" is one of the more rock-like songs on the album. With its catchy guitar riffs and instruments. Vocals fit perfectly. Has a bright feeling general.

Overall, it is a good one to experience when you are thinking about something or studying. You can even go to a variety of dreams with it. From time to time it feels too long for me but it generally leaves a good taste.


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