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Darkthrone - Eternal Hails

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Overall: 84/100

The Black metal giants Darkthrone releases their 19th effort Hail Eternal offers you a combination of classic Darkthrone elements with black sabbath-like catchy heavy metal riffs which will supply lots of headbangs and enjoyment.

Starts slow atmospheric clean guitar patterns "His Master’s Voice" continues with a fast-paced headbanging riff and Fenriz's awesome vocals. Then the Classic slow patterns come and give you the feeling that you are about the enter the Darkthrone's border. The production quality is much more like the old ones and immersive. The catchy, Celtic Frost-like riff at the mid of the song takes the enjoyment to one more level above. The emotional, slow-paced outro is excellent too. Clearly a great opening and come back for the Giants of the metal.

"Hate Cloak" kicks in with catchy drum patterns and wahy guitars. Then the main riff comes and reminds the early Black Sabbath and Celtic Frost. Goes catchy, builds the song with strong drums, leaves the place to the magnificent played heavy metal riff, and offers some dio like epic feeling. In the mid of the song, it changes and refreshes itself with some great crafted slow and heavy riffs. I especially loved them.

Starts with great guitar melodies "Voyage To A North Pole Adrift" has a magnificent riff that almost reminds even some Gojira-like riffing style. Then the song opens and expands its musicality range. With some great slow and headbanging, catchy riffs and excellent vocals of Fenriz. Continues with a perfect fast pace riff along with an amazing solo, which reminds me of the early Wasp elements.

Overall, the giants return splendidly with ''Hail Eternal'' which offers you 42 minutes of material, full of catchy riffs and heavy pieces of stuff. Everyone who loves the metal should definitely need to give it a listen.


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