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Dödsrit - Mortal Coil

Overall: 90/100

The young Swedish/Netherlander crust punk-black metallers Dödsrit releases their diverse, masterwork new album ‘’Mortal Coil’’ after their past two successful ones. Offers an energetic, melodic, headbanging experience mixing the melodic black metal with some post-rock or even Gojira influence and hardcore elements. It is a fresh wind from the North.

Beginning with an 11-minute long musical ceremony, ‘’The Third Floor’’ has everything to represents Dödsrit musicality. Starts with crushing blast beats and melodic riffs follow by harsh, excellent fitted black metal vocals which continuously banging the air, after that, the main melodic kvlt black metal riff takes the scene, explosive drumming accompanies it. The production quality is impressive, you can hear every detail of every instrument. The pace slows, an emotional riff drives the song behind the melodic black metal riff, all of those represent Dödsrit magnificent musicality. And I want to say extra things for the outro. It is like Gojira playing black metal with all its breakdowns and riffing style. Definitely a strong opening.

Things are getting more melodic and heavy with ’’Shallow Graves’’ Typical Swedish melodic black metal riff greets you along with blast beats. Builds up with a great joyful, headbanging mid-tempo riff, leaves the place to some slow and epic moments. Harsh-melodic riffs come all over the place. At the outro, the joy returns, a perfectly crafted riff provides energy for the rest.

The title track ‘’Mortal Coil’’ starts as you expect, with melodic harsh riffs and blast beats. But then things are changing a little bit. Song tries different things and those are awesome. An emotional heavy metal-like, magnificent solo brings the heat for the cold hearts, Instruments stand out much more as in a post-rock song. Mixes elements perfectly. Probably this one is the most diverse one of the album.

Overall, Dödsrit continues from where they left off. This is an excellent combination of great musical elements. It shows the pure talent. Can’t wait for the next one!


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