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Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Violence imagined, seen, heard. And here all we heard...

Death Metal Masters did it one more time with Violence Unimagined. It may consist even one of the best tracks they did since the 2010s. Lots of standouts moments with incredible guitar works and Corpsegrinder’s significant vocals.

Standouts: Condemnation Contagion, Inhumane Harvest, Follow the Blood

Overall: 88/100

The album opens with the vicious, fast killer track ‘’Murderous Rampage’’ as we hit the play button, the track welcomes us to the Cannibal Corpse territory with sick riffing, blasting drums, and vicious vocals.

After this strong opening, territory expands with ‘’Necrogenic Resurrection’’, which gives us to momentum to discover the album’s bloodbath with a neck-breaking riffing and drums. Then, one of the classics of their discography surrounds our headphones, ‘’Inhumane Harvest’’, not only viciousness continuous with harsh vocals and drums, in this track general tempo, slows down a little bit and bangs your ears by a crushing classical cannibal corpse riff. It is one of the stand-out moments in the album for sure. With almost Gojira-like up and downs patterns, ‘’Condemnation Contagion’’, is another masterwork, the headbanging piece uses riffs and tempo incredibly. The second half part of the ‘’Ritual Annihilation’’ can be an example of why we love this crushing music.

The other half of the album creates freshness with the masterwork sign of ‘’Follow the Blood’’, probably it is one of the best songs since the 2010s from the catalog. Crushing up and down heavy riffs meets time to a high tempo and signature vocals. We are getting our breath slowly in this bloodbath with ‘’Slowly Sawn’’, which starts alongside slow tempo heavy and crushing riffs, getting goriness at the half ends with an ordinary Cannibal Corpse solo. ''Overtorture'', is another high-tempo song getting flourish with Alex Webster’s great bass and Erik Rutan’s aborted style riffs at the half of the song. We are closing this death metal masterwork by slow and high mixed pace ‘’Cerements of the Flayed’’, creates a vivid atmosphere and bangs vicious solos through the end.


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