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Akhenaten - The Emerald Tablets Of Thoth

Updated: May 6, 2021

Overall: 80/100

If you want your black-death metal folkier with including Melechesh style melodies, Septicflesh like vocals here you go, you have an ancient eastern demon at your hands. After their successful Golden Serpent Record, Akhenetan puts out another solid record that will take you to the hanging gardens of Babylon.

Standouts: Halls of Amenti, The Atlantean, Priests of the Jackal

Kicks in with oriental, eastern melodies ‘’Neferkapta’s Tomb’’ which cuts after by strong guitar riffs. Orchestral elements coming from everywhere, vicious harmonies with impressive vocals gets this journey to hanging gardens of Babylon. But in this Babylon, you may encounter some ancient eastern demons.

Then we are visiting the ‘’Halls of Amenti’’ with sick vocals continuously comes forward to us, perfectly mastered atmospheric folk elements accompany to magnificent guitar riffs. A short but excellent solo ends this splendidly crafted song.

Calming, folk fully instrumental ‘’Of Emerald and Alchemy’’ Prepares us for the hurricanes we will get through. Steady but speedy mumakil-like riffing come to your ears with Easterlings again in ‘’A Hybrid Of The Gods’’ Headbanging pace continues with a flawlessly crafted solo.

Mumakils trying to destroy your town after the oriental interlude in ‘’The Atlantean’’ Pace goes to the top with surrounding crushing riffs and soul-crushing vocals. Preserving its pace till it ends. Completely an astonishing song to Akhenaten discography.

We are going deep into the woods to explore the ‘’Cult of Kukulkan’’ almost Sepultura-like tribal melodies that meet with eastern symphonic elements.

Probably the darkest one ‘’Priest Of The Jackal’’ creates a cautiously filthy atmosphere, continues with banging riffs. The instruments at their strongest level from beginning to end and leaves you behind in this ancient eastern World.

Overall, It is another solid effort for Akhenaten, even though the oriental elements sound a little bit overused, there are lots of banger moments crafted tastefully and have fascinating melodies.


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